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  sana   Kimia  cosmetics company : hair dye VOLU MAX extracts natural fruit acids and vitamin B 5 *** VOLU MAX Hair Remover : Madam depilatory VOLU MAX makes your Skin soft as silk made of  from natural materials smells mints - honey - lemon - herbs


New in general shampoo
New Sonna Kimya and Cosmetics Shampoo Volio Max Plus
- A shampoo with keratin, Argan oil and olive oil, soothes the hair and makes it as smooth as silk.
- Shampoo to treat the peel with mint extract, olive oil and acetabirox.
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New Company Sana
Goodbye to baldness:
We have a light and bald hair treatment for Minocidil Lyco shampoo with pantinol and chamomile extract for natural, dry and dry hair
Laico Minoxidil 2% + Panthenol 5% for women
Laico Minoxidil Spray 5% + Panthenol 5% for Men
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New Company Sna Kimya
VOLU Max The medical VoluMax is without ammonia and with keratin and vitamin B5, which strengthens the hair and gives it luster and shine and make it as soft as silk.
It is advisable to use the Folio Max Shampoo, which ... More

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Caratine shampoo, Argan oil and olive oil.
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