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  sana   Kimia  cosmetics company : hair dye VOLU MAX extracts natural fruit acids and vitamin B 5 *** VOLU MAX Hair Remover : Madam depilatory VOLU MAX makes your Skin soft as silk made of  from natural materials smells mints - honey - lemon - herbs


Sana Company

Founded  Foundation sana commercial 1 / 4 / 1984 from the Company's business is the distribution of cosmetics and hair dyes, toothpaste, shaving and Abrasives hair remover, braces, sports and medical supplies for children and pharmaceuticals in the Syrian Arab Republic buyers, Junction, import and export according to the latest standards and techniques of scientific and industrial marketing of medical supplies inside and outside the Syrian Arab Republic, and occupies an older commercial outposts in the Syrian market, enabling it to maintain Alymadl solid growth, and reflected on the strong and vital presence in the local markets was positive.
Foundation are not characterized by trade along the range of services to cover the local market well, and enjoys close relations with many enterprises and companies under its deed in which they operate in keeping with the quality products that are exclusively owned and Tkonukilp her or sub-agent in the city of Aleppo and the northern region and adherence to the ethics of professional practice , and the presence of an active and constructive in the various sectors of marketing, sales and foreign markets. Due to the success of the institution approved the transaction with the manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail pharmacies.
Corporation is the oldest monument in Aleppo trade based on the latest systems and scientific and manufacturing standards, and this fact opened the door to the institution for many of the agencies within its jurisdiction.

Hair dye volu Max - antiseptics - depilatories (Slide - Box - Roll - mean


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